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Compassionate care for all – experience the benefits of counselling today.

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Professional counselling for families and their loved ones struggling with mental health, general anxiety and other disorders.

Your Healing Journey Awaits You

Do you have the right tools?

Having a family member struggling with dependencies can be difficult and overwhelming for everyone involved. You may feel helpless, frustrated, or angry – and there is help available. Counselling can provide you with the understanding, support, and resources you need to not only cope with your loved one’s struggle with dependencies but also to build a better relationship with them. Through counselling, you can learn strategies to help your loved one while still taking care of yourself and be better equipped to handle challenging situations that may arise.

Healing is possible. It’s never too late to start.



My approach to counselling is holistic, which means that I consider all aspects of an individual – mind, body and spirit, as well as social context (intimate relationships, family, friends, work/school/retirement). Sometimes we need to address more than one area of our life in order to move forward.

Counselling is an opportunity to create positive change in one’s life. This process may be just a few sessions to learn some new strategies for coping with a particular challenge or it may be a decision to do some significant inner work to address a long standing issue. Either way, we will work towards your stated goals and regularly review your progress. I offer practical tools such as relaxation and grounding tools, challenging negative thoughts, self-compassion, assertiveness and mindfulness skills. In addition, I offer reading suggestions and skills to practice between sessions.

I also offer the opportunity to do some deeper processing work for those wanting relief from painful life experiences such as childhood/adult traumas, accidents, assault, PTSD, divorce, illness, grief and loss.

Ready to get started on your healing journey?


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Debbi McKenzie is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor in private practice in White Rock, Langley, and Delta.

ACCT Canada

License # 2220

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